Covid-19 notice

March 16, 2020 Gallagher Shatter is committed to playing its part in the national effort to help to delay and minimise the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic virus. This will require a necessary change to our practice for the coming weeks, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. To protect our staff, our clients and suppliers and the wider community, visits to the office have been cancelled and will not take place until after 29th March 2020, unless urgently required. Until that time, no visitors will be permitted to enter Gallagher Shatter premises, unless there is an urgent requirement. All client communications between now and 29th March 2020 will take place by phone, email, and/or conference call. All communications with other firms and third parties will, in the main, be conducted by email and fax only and not in hard copy by post/courier. We ask that those doing business with us communicate with us by phone, email, fax, conference call and avoid posting or sending hard copy materials by post or courier. We are committed to ensuring continued support and services to our clients during this time and wish to reassure our clients that there will be no disruption to our services despite the COVID-19 virus.

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